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Hi, I'm Chuck McCown.  Since 1993 McCown Technology Corporation has been developing and manufacturing products to serve the telecommunications and networking world.  Our award winning products are well known in the wireless internet service provider world as well as the cellular/wireless industry.  We have a unique niche in surge suppression for GigE and POE circuits borne out of years of development and real world application experience.

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High Lumen LED Arrays

Hi Bay Metal Halide Replacements

1986 - 1990

Brigham Young University

Electrical Engineering - Electronic Engineering Technology

Surge Suppressor PCB Ampacities

Characterizing pcb traces as fusible links.

Supersonic Metal Powder Deposition

Metallic coatings on thin films for patch antennas.  

Surge Suppressor RF Bypass

Allowing Gigabit Ethernet to flow in the presence of strong RF fields. 


Hannibal La-Grange University

Organizational Management


Georgia Tech

Microwave Antenna Characterization

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