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McCown Technology Corporation

MTC has been around since 1993 manufacturing devices used in the telecommunications industry.  

In 2003, we were sent a quantity of data line surge suppressors from a company in Florida.  These devices looked brand new, however they did not protect the equipment they were connected to.  We were asked to perform a failure mode analysis.  


The results were presented at an annual meeting of AnimalFarm,  (a technical user group of Wireless Internet Service Providers),  and the response from the group was: "why don't you make a surge suppressor that works".  That spurred us into action.   We discovered flaws in the design and manufacturing of that product as well as other products from other manufacturers that were subsequently sent to us for the same reason.  

Over the years, our continual meta-studies of the products on the market has helped us to zero in on an advanced circuit design that, while still sacrificial, gives superior protection to the devices it is guarding.  


No surge suppressor can promise it will save the day during a direct lightning strike, we do promise that our products will give you the best chance of survival.  Think of our products as a flack jacket for your expensive network equipment 

This site is a compilation of many of the things we have learned over the years and shows why some designs are better than others.  We hope you find it entertaining and educational.

WISPAmerica 2017 
March 14-16 


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